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Chat Phonics 2
1575 ¥ each

6-12 years old
297 x 210 mm (A4)

The Chat Phonics series is specially made to introduce phonics to Japanese schoolchildren (aged 5-12) who study English once a week. Easy to use and progressively designed, each phonics book focuses on achievable and age-appropriate reading goals, from simple letter recognition to advanced consonant/vowel combinations. The Chat Phonics series uses fun, cartoon-like images to introduce vocabulary that is free of the unfamiliar or unreadable words that abound in other phonics books, so students can quickly understand and remember new English words. With instructions in both English and Japanese, an audio CD for listening and pronunciation exercises, and plenty of pages for practice and review, the Chat Phonics books can help any student develop the all-important skills of reading and writing in English.

Chat Phonics 2:

  • Identifying letter sounds and word families
  • Recognizing short vowel sounds
  • Reading 3-4 letter words and rhyming pairs