david  David    hijiri   Hijiri
David is from America. He grew up in Minnesota. He is the owner of Chat English and loves to teach both children and adults. He likes to cook, workout and read. David likes to travel too.  He especially likes Bali, Hawaii, and New York City.   Hijiri is from the Philippines. He grew up in Manila. He is Filipino Japanese. Even though he grew up in such hot country he loves the cold. He enjoys Japan the most, when snowboarding in the winter.

  sean-rev  Sean
   anna   Anna

Sean is from America. He grew up in New York City. He enjoys teaching English to both children and adults. Besides teaching, his other favorite things to do are paint, watch movies, hike, and learn about Japanese art and history. He especially likes to visit Japan’s many beautiful temples and shrines.


Anna is from America. She grew up in Michigan. She was an exchange student in Shiga Prefecture while going to university. She likes baking, photography, and sewing. She also likes to play video games, like Pokemon. Anna likes to travel and wants to explore more of Japan.